Arcade Cabinet

For a project aimed at getting today’s youth more involved in government, we built an interactive video installation that allows you to record your own message to politicians.

This game is housed in an original arcade cabinet. It was tested with the kids at the Leon van Gelder, who literally stormed the machine to test it the hard way! In the end we got a few nice recordings of kids telling the local politicians what THEY wanted to see different. More video’s after the big debate at the Groninger Forum!



Elco from D66 Youth Participation was there with his own filmcrew to get some in-depth interviews.

This project is about kids telling local politicians their opinion. They can do this using an arcade cabinet that presents them with a couple of questions and then lets them record their own video message.


The arcade machine uses only three simple buttons which control a isadora application running on a mac, and getting video from a PS3 eyetoy camera.