Visualizing geodata

Google (or Bing) maps are great to geolocate all kinds of data. The problem with visualising this data is that most mapping apps look very similar and are often overpopulated with irrelevant details.

From a design point of view it would be nice if you could use geodata from Google, Twitter, or any source, and display it on your own visual.
In this experiment I started with reading an RSS feed from my public google map, showing interesting Tokyo landmarks..

All you really need to do is map geolocations from your feed to pixel coordinates of your own map. This applies to any kind of geotagged data, so it’s easy to add a twitter stream to your map.

For this map, I retrieve 60 messages that were twittered in Tokyo, and add them to the animation. Check out the beta version here:

This map was inspired by an infographic that I made to have a quick reference of the coolest places in Tokyo