Tutorials and inspiration

Yes, this is a random collection of tutorials and cool links about CSS, animation, gaming and app design.

CSS tutorials

CSS Diner
CSS Diner

CSS Diner – excellent CSS selector tutorial
CSS, Javascript, HTML Snippets – excellent collection of quick code snippets
Advanced CSS animation
Wrapping text in non-rectangular shapes – And more in-depth CSS tricks
CSS Bezier Curves
Sass styleguide

Canvas and javascript tutorials

Javascript Physics with p2.js
Javascript Physics with p2.js

CreateJS – build an endless running game
Hi-DPI Canvas – for retina display
Canvas drawing basics
Physics toy – tool for creating 2D physics scenes with p2.js
Box2D physics for javascript
Simple inheritance with javascript

Crazy tools, tricks and experiments

CSS circles
CSS circles

Crazy CSS circles – highly complex animation with just a few lines of CSS
CSS Snow

CSS Filters
CSS Filters

Playing with CSS Filters

CSS Shake
CSS Shake

CSS Shake – Shake those elements!
Design your own tween
Interactive SVG example
Conway’s Game of Life – Programmed directly on the GPU with WebGL

C# and Unity

Game Programming Patterns – essential coding tips (applicable to any language)
Getting started with Unity – Excellent tutorial includes basics of Unity
Pixel perfect 2D in Unity
Creating different kinds of games with Unity and C#
Getting started with Monogame – C# tutorial

Swift and iOS

Spritekit in Swift – working with spritesheets / sprite based games in Swift
Swift for beginners
Swift auto layout

Web dev

Git – the simple guide
Cross-browser document-ready without jQuery
Github pages
Building a responsive website from scratch
React.js for designers
Backbone.js for absolute beginners