Serious games

‘Gamification’ is the use of game design techniques and mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences. These techniques often involve creating a challenge, and rewarding the player.

Building an e-learning game or “Serious Game” is challenging in itself. Is the target audience familiar with games? What is the educational goal? What options do you have to stylize/abstract your educational material to become both comprehensible and fun?

The ‘Formula’ game teaches high-school kids about mathematical formulas. The game is designed to be presented in a classroom. Kids can play a classic game of ‘battleship’, but have to use formulas to find and destroy enemy ships.

The ‘Domus’ game educates players about the environmental impact of day-to-day decisions. How much energy to you consume? How can you reduce your carbon footprint? Can you live responsibly and still do everything you enjoy? This game rewards a player for finding a balance between happiness and environmental responsibility.

The ‘Tree of Life’ installation is freely accessible in public space. Students can play a quiz, and watch video to help them find the correct answer.

These games were developed for Science LinX and the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences at the University of Groningen.