Personalized newspaper tool

This project is built for dutch newspapers (among which the Leeuwarder Courant) who want to make archived frontpages available and customizable.

Leeuwarder Courant Home

The idea is that you select the newspaper frontpage of your favourite date (say your birthdate). You will be presented with the real vintage frontpage. You can then choose to order a print straight away, but it’s more fun to choose the second option: customize.

Start by placing a box on top of the newspaper image, and then choose to fill it with your own photo or text. After uploading your image, you can crop it and see the cropping result in realtime in your newspaper.

Selecting an image.

Cropping an image.

You can also create text boxes and save them to your newspaper. As with the image, you see your text editing work appear in realtime on your newspaper frontpage.

flash text editor

The last step is ordering your customized frontpage and hanging it above your couch!

Of course these few images don’t really do justice to the real project, you can try out the application for yourself at